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Gurnee Drug Crimes Attorney

Experienced Attorneys For Drug Charges

Drug-related arrests are exceedingly common. If you have found yourself entangled in the criminal justice system because of drugs, you are far from alone. However, that does not mean that drug charges do not need to be taken seriously. Whether you are looking at felony or misdemeanor charges, a drug conviction can lead to serious consequences, both judicially and socially. Even misdemeanor drug possession can lead to jail time if the situation is not properly handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. The legal consequences of a drug-related felony, like drug trafficking, can be far more severe, often leading to multi-year prison sentences. In these situations, it is critical to fight back with a lawyer's help.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly experienced in defending those accused of drug crimes. Our attorneys are skilled in building strong defenses that are customized to fit your personal needs and the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. There are a number of ways we can work to minimize or eliminate any consequences of your drug charges, from taking advantage of a diversion program to challenging the constitutionality of the search or stop that led to the discovery of drugs that were allegedly in your possession. Our goal is to find the best possible resolution to your case so that you can keep living your life.

Gurnee Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug possession charges are on the lower end of seriousness when it comes to drug offenses, but that may not make you feel better if you are looking at jail time. In Wisconsin, a large number of possession cases involve small amounts of cannabis, which remains a misdemeanor in the state. In both Wisconsin and Illinois, possessing a "harder" drug like LSD or heroin is more likely to lead to felony charges.

In some cases, we are able to have possession cases dismissed using strategies such as arguing that the search that led to the discovery of drugs was illegal. In other cases, we are able to help clients enter diversion programs in lieu of jail time.

Attorney for Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is likely the most serious of all drug-related offenses. It is easier to get caught up in a drug trafficking case than you may think. In Wisconsin, simply bringing cannabis from a state like Illinois where the drug is legal back to your home can lead to this serious felony charge. You need not be a large-scale mover of drugs or a "kingpin" to find yourself facing drug trafficking charges. Simply possessing a large enough quantity of drugs or taking steps like dividing a larger supply of a drug into smaller containers can be construed as drug trafficking by some prosecutors.

Our attorneys are skilled in building powerful defenses against accusations of drug trafficking. We are often able to have charges reduced or dismissed. We will carefully review all information relevant to your case in order to better design a customized defense strategy for you.

Defense Lawyer for Drug DUI/OWI

While a majority of arrests for intoxicated driving have to do with alcohol, a growing number involve drivers who are allegedly intoxicated by another drug, such as cannabis or heroin. This type of case can be extremely complex. While it is relatively easy to determine a person's level of alcohol intoxication using their blood alcohol content (BAC), the same cannot be said for drug intoxication. Many people find themselves being arrested for DUI or OWI while completely sober, simply because there was a detectable level of an intoxicating substance in their body from past use.

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Our attorneys are skilled in fighting back against drug charges. We fight to protect our clients from unfair treatment and to minimize any potential consequences. Contact our firm today at 847-752-9639 to schedule a free consultation.

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