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Attorneys for Misdemeanor and Felony Crime in Lake County

Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful experiences you are likely to ever have. Whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor, there is a very real risk of being convicted and sent to jail. Having a criminal record can limit your future opportunities and damage your reputation. Whether you are facing a simple misdemeanor DUI or something more serious like felony drug crime, it is important to fight back. As of now, you are entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Still, it may not feel like you are being treated like you are innocent. Our attorneys can step in and help you assert your rights and raise the best defense possible.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has years of experience helping people who are facing criminal charges. Our skilled and committed lawyers will aggressively fight for you in court. When we take on a representation, we learn everything there is to know about your case. We will comb through every fact, allegation, and circumstance surrounding your charges so that we can begin developing the strongest defense available.

Waukegan Criminal Defense Attorney

Illinois Law Firm for DUI Defense

DUI cases are rarely as open-and-shut as they may appear. Without a lawyer, there is a strong possibility of a possible defense going unnoticed and unasserted. While most DUIs are misdemeanors, there are some circumstances that can cause a DUI to be charged instead as a felony. We will work to limit the impact this case will have on your life, whether that means finding an effective defense or negotiating to have felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor.

Attorneys for Drug Possession and More Serious Drug Crimes

In Illinois, even simple possession can sometimes be charged as a felony. However, it is also easy to end up in a position where you are being accused of a much more serious drug crime even if you did not intend to commit one. Drug delivery may be charged if you were sharing a substance with friends. Drug trafficking or manufacture may also be charged, even if you are far from a hardened drug dealer. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and are sometimes able to have felonies reduced so that you can receive treatment and return to your life as soon as possible.

Violent Crimes and Weapons Charges

Violent crime is taken very, very seriously. Those convicted of a violent crime may be branded dangerous criminals for life, even if the actual offense was relatively minor and committed upon major provocation. Simple assault and domestic violence are closely related crimes, mainly distinguished based on the relationship between victim and offender. Felony assault is often charged when the victim is badly injured, or where a weapon was used. Other, lesser crimes may be made far more serious if there was a weapon involved.

Murder and manslaughter are the most major of all violent crime charges. These offenses are often associated with very long prison sentences. You will need a skilled attorney to fight back if you are facing one of these charges.

Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Waukegan

Sex crimes are treated more harshly than almost any other type of offense. A conviction of this nature can be life-ruining. You could be forced to place your name and address on a public registry. From prostitution to sexual assault to crimes involving children, sex crimes are major offenses. If you have been accused of a sex offense, it is critical that you begin working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. Your future is at stake.

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Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has years of experience representing people who are facing criminal charges, from the most minor to the most serious. If you have been charged with a crime, we can provide you with the best representation possible. Contact us at 847-752-9639 for a free and confidential consultation.

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