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Gurnee Traffic Offenses Lawyer

Types Of Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses can range from quite minor to very serious. The consequences of a traffic offense can go far beyond the cost of the ticket itself. In both Wisconsin and Illinois, traffic offenses carry points that can be assessed to your license. Too many points can result in the loss of driving privileges, as well as increased insurance premiums. Many people who are charged with a traffic offense believe that simply paying the ticket is the best way to move forward. However, paying the fine associated with a ticket can be a serious mistake. In many cases, traffic offense charges can be reduced or dismissed if you work with an attorney and fight back.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has the experience and legal knowledge needed to raise the best possible defense that is available in your situation. Our attorneys are skilled in minimizing the consequences of a traffic offense. We will carefully investigate the circumstances of your alleged offense with the goal of identifying the strongest defense possible in your case.

Gurnee Traffic Offenses Attorney

Traffic Offenses Our Waukegan and Kenosha Lawyers Can Help With

Some traffic offenses are far more serious than others. While many traffic offenses are mere violations, some may lead to criminal charges, and they may be charged as misdemeanors or even felonies.

Common traffic offenses we can help with include:

  • DUI or OWI - Charges related to intoxicated driving are among the most serious traffic offenses. These crimes may carry jail time, while most other traffic offenses do not.
  • License and insurance violations - Being caught driving with a suspended or revoked license can be serious. You could face criminal charges as a result. However, many people charged with this offense did not know that their license was invalid until they were pulled over. Driving without proper insurance can also result in a costly citation.
  • Speeding - Tickets for exceeding the speed limit are among the most common type of traffic offenses. Fortunately, there are often strong defenses available. In cases involving radar detection, we can sometimes argue that the radar was in fact detecting the speed of a different vehicle, or that the radar device had not been properly calibrated.
  • Reckless driving offenses - Reckless driving and equivalent charges can be very serious. These charges can stem from a variety of driving behaviors, such as traveling at a very high speed or recklessly weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Moving violations - Moving violations include things like running a red light or stop sign. Quite a few people receive tickets in the mail after being captured by a traffic camera that shows them failing to stop completely or making an illegal turn.
  • Hit-and-run - Causing an accident and then leaving the scene rather than staying and contacting the police can result in criminal charges that are far more grave than typical traffic tickets. Drivers in both Illinois and Wisconsin are required to remain at the scene after an accident and exchange information with others who were involved.

The consequences of a traffic offense can be much more far-reaching than you may initially think. You could experience not only judicial consequences, such as license suspensions and steep fines, but also collateral consequences such as raised insurance rates. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate these consequences to the degree possible in your case.

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Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly experienced in fighting on behalf of people who have been charged with traffic offenses. We proudly serve clients throughout Lake County and Kenosha County. To begin with a free consultation, please contact us at 847-752-9639.

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