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Gurnee Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Hiring a Reputable Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The term "drug trafficking" conjures up a certain image. It evokes the idea of large-scale drug smugglers, cartels, and gang activity. It causes most people to imagine someone driving across the country in a large truck loaded to the brim with hard drugs like heroin, or perhaps people running meth labs in their homes. While this type of conduct would certainly fall under the definition of drug trafficking, the reality of most trafficking offenses is far less dramatic. In Wisconsin, simply passing a marijuana pipe around to your friends could count as trafficking for the purpose of criminal prosecution. As you can see, it is far easier to find yourself caught up in drug trafficking charges than you may have thought.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is experienced in defending those accused of drug trafficking in any form. Our skilled attorneys have helped many individuals accused of drug trafficking find a more positive resolution to their cases, whether that means having the charges reduced through plea bargains or seeking an outright dismissal. We give it our all and fight for the best outcome possible in every case.

Gurnee Drug Trafficking Attorney

Understanding Drug Trafficking Charges

The definitions of drug trafficking vary slightly between Wisconsin and Illinois, but generally, this serious drug offense encompasses a rather wide variety of conduct. Drug trafficking charges could be based on:

  • Selling or even giving away an illicit substance.
  • Manufacturing an illicit substance, such as by cooking methamphetamine.
  • Transporting drugs into the state. In Wisconsin, a large percentage of drug trafficking arrests involve people purchasing cannabis or THC products in nearby states where marijuana has been legalized and returning home with them.
  • Possessing a large enough quantity of an illegal drug for the state to reasonably believe you intended to distribute the controlled substance to others.
  • Processing a drug, such as by dividing a large package into smaller containers.
  • In Wisconsin, allowing people to use illicit substances in your home can lead to criminal charges.

Trafficking is generally charged as a felony, and a conviction can carry very serious penalties. Depending on the nature of your case, you could be sentenced to years of prison time. Note that if you had a weapon in your possession during the commission of the alleged offense, penalties may be increased.

It is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can fight for a positive resolution to your charges.

Defenses to Drug Trafficking

It can be more challenging to defend against trafficking charges than simple possession charges, but there are still a variety of defenses that may be available. Common types of defense strategies our attorneys routinely employ in trafficking cases include:

  • Questioning the search - The Constitution guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. In many cases, the legality of a police search that led to the discovery of drugs may have been dubious. If the search can be deemed unconstitutional or illegal, your case is likely to be dismissed.
  • Lack of knowledge - We may be able to argue that you did not know the drugs were present in an area generally considered under your control. For example, a friend may have loaded drugs into your car without telling you, or you may have been unaware that your roommate was concealing drugs in a common area of your property.
  • Lack of intent - In some forms of drug trafficking, the prosecution must prove that you intended to distribute the drugs. While this assertion can sometimes be based on quantity alone, there can be ways to refute this.

These are only a few examples of common defenses to drug trafficking charges. There are many other types of defenses we may be able to raise in your favor depending on the facts and circumstances of your specific case.

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If you are facing drug trafficking charges in the Kenosha or Waukegan area, Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has the experience needed to design the best defense possible in your case. For a free consultation, please contact us at 847-752-9639.

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