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Gurnee Weapons Charges Attorney

Weapons Charges Attorneys in Lake County, Illinois

The "right to bear arms" we hear so much about, while codified in the Second Amendment, is far from absolute. Even if you lawfully own a gun, you can still find yourself in legal trouble for carrying it in the wrong place or revealing it at the wrong time - even if you legitimately felt threatened. The laws surrounding gun use can be far more complicated than the average gun owner is likely to realize. Weapons charges often accompany other criminal charges. Merely possessing a weapon while committing another offense is often treated as an aggravating factor that can lead to enhanced charges or harsher consequences. For people who fall into certain groups, like felons, simply possessing a gun or other weapon at all is considered a criminal offense. Weapons charges can range from fairly minor to very serious, but they should all be taken seriously.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly skilled in representing those who have been accused of weapons crimes. Our attorneys have defended a large number of people facing weapons charges with an excellent rate of success. We will work tirelessly to build the strongest possible case in your favor under the circumstances. We will carefully research the laws you are accused of breaking and carry out a deep dive into the facts of your case with the goal of designing an unstoppable defense strategy.

Gurnee Weapons Charges Lawyer

Weapons Possession

At the less serious end of gun crimes, misdemeanors related to unlawful possession can still carry significant consequences. Some may even be charged as felonies. The prosecution is required to prove little else than that you were subject to a firearms restriction and knowingly had a gun or other dangerous weapon in your possession. People who may not have the right to possess a gun include:

  • Those with felony convictions
  • Parolees and people who are on probation
  • Those with domestic violence convictions
  • People with certain serious mental illnesses
  • People who are subject to a civil order of protection that includes terms ordering them to relinquish all weapons

Even lawful gun owners can find themselves charged with a crime for carrying a weapon the wrong way or in the wrong place. Illinois in particular is rather restrictive about where a person can or cannot carry a gun. We will strive to minimize the impact of this case on your life by preparing a strong and legally grounded defense.

Unlawful Use Offenses

The stakes are generally much higher if your weapons charge relates to the unlawful use of a firearm. Discharging or even brandishing your gun inappropriately can lead to felony charges. If you fired at another person, you are almost certainly facing felony assault charges or something more serious, like attempted murder. Even if it should be fairly clear that you were using your gun defensively in a situation where you had the right to do so, you may still be charged and tried.

Each unlawful use case is different. Our experienced attorneys will meticulously examine the facts and circumstances of your case so that we can prepare a sound, individualized defense.

Weapons Enhancements to Other Offenses

Possessing or using a gun or weapon during the commission of another offense, such as theft, can make the underlying offense more serious. Carrying or displaying a weapon is generally treated as an aggravating factor. It could mean the difference between probation and prison or between a misdemeanor and a felony. You will also likely be barred from owning a gun in the future if you are convicted.

If you are accused of unlawfully using a weapon in connection with another offense, it is important to take the matter very seriously and work with a skilled criminal defense attorney to give you the best chance of minimizing any potential consequences.

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Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly experienced in defending those facing weapons charges. Our team of skilled attorneys will carefully analyze the relevant laws and facts to determine your ideal defense strategy. For a free consultation, please contact us at 847-752-9639.

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