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CDL holders can be treated far more harshly than other drivers in a DUI prosecution. If you drive a commercial vehicle for work, you could still face increased penalties, even if you were arrested for DUI while off-duty and driving your personal vehicle. When driving a commercial vehicle, you can be charged with DUI if your BAC is at 0.04% or higher, while drivers of non-commercial vehicles will typically only be considered legally drunk if their BAC is at 0.08% or higher. This could mean that you can get a DUI after a mere two or three drinks depending on your size and sex. You may not feel drunk at a BAC level of 0.04, but you could be considered legally intoxicated.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has years of experience representing CDL holders who have been charged with DUI. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers began their careers as prosecutors, giving us a strong understanding of how the state is likely to approach your case and how best to counter their arguments. Fortunately, you have the same legal defenses any other driver would be able to use. Because your professional career is in jeopardy, it is very important to seek out skilled representation. Our attorneys will focus on protecting both your ability to do your job and your freedom.

CDL Holders Face Increased Penalties and Lower Legal Limits

CDL drivers are placed in a position of trust when it comes to public safety. Drivers who can be trusted with semi-trucks or hazardous waste vehicles are held to a higher standard than those who drive smaller vehicles available to the general public. Even if you are not actively driving your commercial vehicle when you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you may face penalties that could threaten your career.

If you are licensed to transport hazardous materials - especially if you were actively transporting potentially dangerous cargo - you might face even harsher penalties. Most drivers who are charged with DUI will have their licenses suspended, which might make it difficult for them to get to work. If you lose your commercial license, you will be unable to work in your chosen career, period. You can expect to be unable to do your job for at least a year for a first DUI. If you are charged with a subsequent DUI, your CDL might be permanently revoked.

The lower BAC limit for CDL holders makes it very easy to get charged with DUI, even when you do not feel drunk. While most drivers can drive safely after one to three alcoholic beverages - depending on factors like their body weight and sex - that small amount could get you arrested, leading to severe penalties that could affect your financial future.

Defending a CDL Driver Accused of DUI

Fortunately, you can use the same types of defenses other drivers can. Strategies we may use when helping you defend against DUI charges may include:

  • Challenging the stop - If your constitutional rights were violated when an officer pulled you over because they did not have a lawful reason for doing so, your case could be dismissed.
  • Questioning the field sobriety test - The conditions on the side of the road at the time you were pulled over can influence the results of a field sobriety test. If the ground was icy, if there were strong winds, or if there were other issues that affected your performance, your results might not be accurate.
  • Invalidating chemical tests - Unless administered properly, chemical tests of your BAC might not be reliable. For example, an officer bringing a radio into the room while you were taking a breath test could skew the results. We can help determine whether it may be possible to challenge tests of your breath, blood, or urine and prevent them from being used as evidence in your case.

We will work to identify the best possible strategy for protecting your rights and ability to work in your field. Our goal is to help you maintain your CDL and protect your livelihood.

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