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Gurnee Speeding Lawyer

Attorney For Speeding Tickets In Lake County

When you get a speeding ticket, you may have a lot of fears about how the situation is going to turn out. There are a lot of far-reaching consequences that come with something as seemingly simple as a speeding violation. These traffic violations can be more than a slight inconvenience. Paying the citation may seem like the easiest way to settle the matter, but this is not always the right decision. Before you consider paying a ticket, it would be wise to speak with a traffic attorney. In many cases, your ticket could be dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation, saving you money in the long run.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly experienced in helping people who have been issued speeding tickets beat the system and avoid problems like raised insurance premiums and points on their licenses. If you have been given a speeding ticket, we have the tools and skills needed to fight back. It is best to contact us as soon as possible after you get a ticket so that we can begin defending you right away.

Gurnee Speeding Attorney

Consequences of a Speeding Ticket in Illinois

The fine attached to the ticket is only one part of the far-reaching consequences of a speeding violation. In Illinois, there is a point system. When you get a traffic violation, points are added to your driver's license. If you get too many points, your license could be suspended or revoked.

Additionally, a speeding ticket can cause your insurance rates to go up. Many insurance companies will raise your rates significantly, especially if you have multiple moving violations or a more serious conviction like a DUI.

There are also cases where you could be charged with a misdemeanor based on speeding, especially if an accident occurred and you are considered at fault. This could mean facing jail time. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor rather than a traffic violation, it is extremely important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

How Our Speeding Defense Lawyers Fight Back

There are a number of strategies Brady Cole Trial Lawyers uses to defend people accused of speeding. Our often-winning strategies include:

  • Showing radar calibration issues - Many drivers are issued speeding citations based on radar readings. However, radar speed detection technology is imperfect, and devices used by police officers require frequent maintenance and proper calibration. If a radar device is shown to be faulty or unreliable, its readings may not be considered to be valid evidence that you were speeding.
  • Questioning which vehicle's speed was read - Unless you were the only car on the road in the area, there is a possibility that the officer using the radar detected the speed of a different vehicle and then pulled you over in error.
  • Arguing lack of proof - If no radar was used to detect your speed, then your ticket is likely based strictly on what an officer claims to have observed. However, there is substantial proof that humans are unreliable speed detectors.
  • Reducing the violation - In some situations, the best strategy is to have your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation, which can save money in fines and prevent points from being added to your driving record.

Our attorneys will strive to protect your driving record and save you money on fines and insurance premiums. Working with an attorney to resolve your speeding ticket can reduce or eliminate the impact of a citation.

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Brady Cole Trial Lawyers is highly skilled at representing those accused of speeding and other traffic violations. Your ticket may be able to be dismissed or reduced when we go to court for you. Contact us today at 847-752-9639 to receive a free consultation.

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