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Lawyer for Drunk Driving in Lake County

Being arrested for DUI comes as a shock to most people. It is far more serious than a routine traffic violation. An arrest of any kind can interrupt your life in a major way. It can also create a tremendous amount of anxiety and uncertainty. If you are convicted, the consequences can be serious. You may be facing jail time, even if you have never been arrested before. Fortunately, there are a lot of strategies that we as DUI attorneys can use to protect you. An arrest does not mean a guaranteed conviction, regardless of what the police may have told you. The sooner you contact us after your arrest, the better we can help you.

Brady Cole Trial Lawyers has the experience and skills needed to fight back against DUI charges. Our attorneys will begin with a meticulous review of the facts surrounding your case as we begin building your strongest possible defense strategy. We have helped many people accused of DUI avoid the harsh potential consequences by presenting strong legal arguments in their favor, and we will strive to do the same for you.

Waukegan DUI Defense Lawyer

Waukegan Lawyer for DUI Defense

If you were subjected to field sobriety testing and chemical testing, such as a breathalyzer or blood test, it may feel as if you are backed into a corner and left without a way to show reasonable doubt that you are guilty. However, this is often far from the truth. Our attorneys are skilled at questioning the results of these tests, which are only as infallible as the people performing them. Simple factors you may not be aware of can impact the results of DUI testing enough to invalidate them. Did an officer have their radio in the room while you were taking a breath test? That may be enough to skew the results.

Some of the DUI defense strategies include:

  • Exclude flawed chemical testing - Chemical tests are only reliable if they are administered according to the proper procedures. There are many sources of potential interference, from contaminated vials used in blood tests to drinking something too soon before a breath test.
  • Challenge the stop itself - Police officers are not at liberty to pull people over unless they have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed. We will carefully review the officer's alleged reason for stopping you to determine whether the stop was constitutional. If it was not, your case may be thrown out.
  • Question the field sobriety tests - Were you trying to walk a straight line on an uneven surface, or attempting to balance on one foot while wearing heels? Any number of environmental factors or medical conditions you have could interfere with the reliability of field sobriety testing.

Our goal is to show the court that there is reasonable doubt of your guilt. In many cases, we are able to design powerful defenses based on the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. We conduct a careful assessment of each case in order to identify the strongest possible defenses.

Lake County Attorney for Felony DUI Cases

There is much more at stake when your DUI is being charged as a felony. Felonies carry more than a year of prison time, so the consequences of conviction can be quite serious. Common reasons you may be charged with a felony DUI include:

  • Another person was injured or killed in a car accident.
  • You had a child in your vehicle.
  • You have two or more prior DUIs.

If you are facing felony DUI charges, it is extremely important to work with an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Our attorneys have worked on many felony DUI cases in the past with an excellent success rate. We will strive to build the strongest possible defense in your case.

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